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Boston Ballerina
Boston Ballerina
Boston Ballerina

Boston Ballerina

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The girl goes dancing there
On the leaf-sown, new-mown, smooth
Grass plot of the garden;
Escaped from bitter youth,
Escaped out of her crowd,
Or out of her black cloud.
Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!

If strange men come from the house
To lead her away, do not say
That she is happy being crazy;
Lead them gently astray;
Let her finish her dance,
Let her finish her dance.
Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!

—Sweet Dancer by William Butler Yeats—


By Forevermark Flowers, this arrangement is fusing rich shades of Lime Green, Antique Pink, and Champagne White. This arrangement features a curated selection of fresh flowers around the world and to symbolize reminiscent of a passionate ballerina.

Estimate Blooms Size
30" H x 25" W
Crafted with blooms mainly including:
Amaryllis, Lavender, Hydrangea, Ranunculus, Sahara Rose, Fern Greenery, Phalaenopsis Orchid

Due to seasonal availabilities, some flowers may be substituted for a flower of equal beauty, quality, and price. All bouquets are hand-tied with our signature ribbon.
Learn how to take the best care of your blooms, please click here.
Boston Ballerina